Manufacturers Credit Cooperative (MCC) is the premier credit reporting agency for the giftware, home furnishings, stationery and the American craft industries.  MCC has been in operation for 30 years.
MCC was started by representatives of 20 giftware companies who realized the need to exchange credit information on retail accounts who were applying to them for credit terms.  Initially, all the members were manufacturers; membership was subsequently expanded to include importers, distributors, wholesalers, publishers and vendors of American crafts.
In addition to providing credit data, MCC has also been instrumental in the area of detecting commercial credit fraud, an area which the FBI has identified as a multi-billion dollar business.  Commercial fraud (termed "bust-outs") has become a serious problem within the giftware industry in recent years.  MCC has authored a Credit Fraud Profile which has become the industry guideline in identifying credit fraud.  MCC notifies industry vendors of suspected fraudulent situations via MCC E-mail Alerts as these problems arise.
MCC also publishes a monthly newsletter which provides specific accounts discussion, a monthly economic overview, Debtor-In-Possession information, and articles pertaining to bankruptcy, vendor deductions, accounts receivable management and an industry employment interchange.